Upload: My Head/Face Shape Assessments

ABOUT YOUR FILE It needs to be a document (or up to 4) of your work in a pdf format Each file should be no larger than 3 megabytes. If you have a problem on the related subject, email us the issue. If the answer is not already addressed, we will add the answer to […]

Skin Colour Charts

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My Makeup Artistry Journal

Introducing Activities/Assignments It’s almost time to start your artistic activities to train your “artist’s eye”. All the makeup activities in the course help you to develop an eye for makeup – from colour to balance and harmony, all the while transforming faces in the most effective way. These activities will record your makeup artistry journey […]

2. Get going!

What you need → All the makeup products and colours you have, with all the tools and applicators within reach if required. → A blank scrapbook, preferably with textured paper, or create single pages to bind upon completion of the entire project. Don’t go out and buy unnecessarily. There is usually plenty of paper or […]

The Syllabus

The Makeup Course Overview Here we refer to our complete training programme as it would appear below. When we display an overview of a course before students begin studies, we use a format with terminology that a prospective student will be able to relate to. Basic “Must Have” Skills These require a study approach that […]

Venture into the countryside

Kristen and Holly have shared their butterfly inspired looks with me and I wanted to share these with you. I want to encourage you to take inspiration from other makeup artists and real life butterflies. Your look may not be an exact replica of the wings of a butterfly; you may have taken inspiration in […]

Make a makeup palette

“Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.” [Unknown] Making a Palette Makeup palettes cost a fortune and still may not serve you as well as a custom-made palette. And especially so if your blush and eyeshadow products are packaged, or an assortment of both. Add different shapes and sizes to […]