Period Makeup – 1920s

Her Story Her Makeup The complexion was white, cream, pink and sandy tones. Rouge was applied to the apples, where cheek colour naturally occurs in shades of pink. Eye shadow was dark, soft and smoky. Purple and blue pencils were used in the late 1920s as eye shadow. Pencil liners were used to draw a […]

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Period Makeup – 1960s

Her Story IMAGE REFERENCE: Biography, 2019, 6 Lesser-Known Facts About Audrey Hepburn,… [Accessed 23 May 2019] Aubrey Hepburn was born Audrey Kathleen Ruston, on the 4th May 1929 in Belgium. She died in Switzerland at the young age of 63 in 1993. She moved to London when she was 19 years old where she studied […]

Project Chicago

STEP 1 Download this useful document on Costumes and Makeup and read thoroughly, taking particular note of the activities. STEP 2 Get involved with your group by contributing with comments below. We want to create our own worksheet for this feature film study. STEP 3 Once we’ve finalised our worksheet, watch the full-length movie, completing […]

Period Makeup – 1940s

Her Story Her Makeup The makeup look of the 1940s is classic and sophisticated, but very simple to recreate. Faces were flawless and fresh looking – the look was all-natural, never ‘painted on.’  Women were encouraged to shape their face with lighter and darker shades of foundation – a darker shade could be used to […]

Period Makeup – 1970s

Her Story Her Makeup Foundation: glowing, bronzed skin, a sun kissed/tanned look. Working women adopted a “natural look”. Eyebrows: naturally shaped, but thin. Eyes: very colourful, with eye shadow covering most of the eye area.  Shimmery, pastel coloured, blue and green eye shadow were also very popular. A darker liner was often applied around the […]