Prepare in advance for your first live session. 

Live Lesson Requirements

You need a few basic online skills, an email account, good internet connection, sound, and if you want to talk, you need a microphone.

If you are good to go, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Get your ticket

Makeup 101 sessions can be attended in any order.

Purchase tickets on the PMU shopping website. Your ticket is emailed to you following successful completion of the booking, and automatically puts you on the registration list.

The ticket will be on separate email to any other automatic email in the usual online checkout process. The ticket email has the event link for the day and time booked. You need this to access the session.

Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Get the APP

We use Zoom for these sessions.

If you are new to online meetings using Zoom, please complete a quick, free sign up and get the Zoom App. Download from the page called “Zoom Client for Meetings“. Follow the easy Zoom prompts.

Step 3: Join online and on time

You can only join at the advised time, and via the link on your emailed ticket.
Nothing will happen until the advised start time. I then need to admit all attendees and start presenting. If you join too late and the presentation is already in full swing, I may not see you to admit you. Please then join another time.

Looking forward to e-meeting you!

PS: Need more help?
We have posted it lower on this page. Please scroll down.



You need internet, sound, and if you want to talk, you need a microphone.



Click on the above icon, then follow the easy Zoom prompts.



Registered ticket holders will be admitted to enter the session if they join on time.


The App

I use Zoom for live sessions.

There are two ways to join a session from a PC, Mac or Laptop:

You can download an app before you click on the session’s link, or you can click on the link and it will open in your bowser.

The advantage of using the App, instead of accessing the session via your internet browser, is that it generally offers a better quality session, with more refined features.

Download and Install the App

Click on the download icon above and follow Zoom’s prompts for your device/computer that you will be using for the live session.

From a computer, it is best to use the Zoom App –

[1] download a file (after downloading, the file should be in your downloads directory), and[2] install it on your PC (by double-clicking on the file in your downloads).

From a tablet or phone, you will need to –

[1] visit your App Store, and[2] download the free Zoom App. You will be prompted to do so when you click on the session link.

If you install the App. you may loose the password encoded session link we sent you. Perhaps just exit or refresh and click on the link again.

Nothing happening?

You can’t enter the live meeting if there is no session in progress. The screen view may be blank, or advise ‘Launching’, or Starting Soon’, or similar.

Nothing is wrong; you just need to wait for the meeting to start.

If you have a link, you should not need the password if you’ve completed the quick, free Zoom sign up process as advised.

Do a sound check

Test your audio and microphone when prompted. Make sure your microphone remains muted until the Q&A part of the session.

Want to be seen?

You may enable the camera option with video. I prefer to present in full screen mode with my video disabled.

Other technical issues
Still have a problem?

If you’re not sure, perhaps a friend or colleague can help. If I don’t see you online, we can chat some other time to help you join a repeat live session.



Bookings close 30 minutes prior to session time. This avoids setup interruptions.


If you don’t book a ticket, and there are no other bookings for the specific date and time, the session will be rescheduled to a future date.

Booking a ticket confirms that there is someone wishing to attend the session.

For security reasons, passwords may change for a specific session, and from time to time, and you need to be registered to receive the update timely.


Your ticket booking puts you on a registration list.

We will use these lists to manage all aspects of the training, from communication to course enrollment through to your access to submit assignments.


If you book, but cannot make the session, please follow these steps:

1. Send an email or WhatsApp message to advise you cannot attend, in case you are the only person attending, and the host may be waiting for you online.

2. Only use the above message/email to inform. If you have a question, please address this on a separate message/email, as the non-attendance emails will be filed differently and won’t receive a reply.

3. Rebook the session you can attend, or wait for it to appear on the calendar again.


This is certainly a fast and convenient way of communicating urgent messages, for example, if my internet should go down and I am not able to open the session, but everyone attending is unaware.

However, watch this space where we will detail the refining of WhatsApp messaging.


Attend all 5 sessions – Face, Brows, Eyes, Cheeks and Lips, and in any order.

These serve as your Orientation Course and introduction to online learning.

In this round of the series, some joined and left sessions and some attended, but did not have a ticket, and subsequently have not been recorded on the register.

Please send an email/WhatsApp to advise which sessions you still need to attend to complete, or send a message to advise you are now complete, and then watch this space below for next steps.